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Scotland's premier golf club rental company

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GolfGearHire.com offers premium branded golf equipment for rental

We have been established for 16 years and are a well respected, experienced business based in Edinburgh

We have delivered our gear all over Scotland and also supply clubs for large corporate or family golf days all over the UK

We don't run a shop and are a purely mobile service
We normally deliver our gear free of charge to the Edinburgh area (small charge may apply for small orders)
All locations outwith the Edinburgh area may incur a delivery charge (depends on the total size of the order)
The further from Edinburgh that we have to travel the larger the potential delivery charge

We are passionate about the game of golf and know golfers want to play with clubs that are as familiar with their own as possible ... that's why we don't just offer any old set of clubs.
We offer a premium customised service -

  • men's right hand
  • men's left hand
  • ladies right hand
  • ladies left hand
  • regular flex shafts
  • stiff flex shafts
  • senior flex shafts
  • steel shafts
  • graphite shafts
  • longer than standard length shafts
  • extra fairway woods
  • extra hybrids
  • extra wedges
  • various styles of putters   
  • rangefinders
  • shoes
  • 3 wheel push trolleys



All our sets have 12 clubs as a starting point. Each set can be customised by adding up to 2 additional clubs

Our 2022 ranges include


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Please fill out all the boxes below then 'Add a set and/or shoes and/or trolleys' and submit quote/availability enquiry
Start date and time
End date and time
Gender Dexterity Shaft flex Irons Model Putter style   Extra #1 Extra #2 Quantity Subtotal
Gender UK/US/Eur Size Price Quantity Subtotal
Quantity Subtotal
Approximate rental cost:   #
#does not include any drop off/pick up charges


Prices are for each 12 club 'base' set with additional club prices at the end of each row

  1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days Each
additional day
Each additional 'customised'
club per day
Premium range clubs    £35£60£84£104£120£132£140£20£1.20
Mid range clubs    £30£54£72£88£100£108£119£17£1.10
Budget range clubs    £25£44£57£64£75£78£84£12£1
Pair of golf shoes (inc socks)£10£14£18£20£25£28.50£31.50£4 
3 wheel push trolley£5£10£13.50£16£20£22.50£24.50£3 


Contact us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Edinburgh, Scotland

+44 (0)7860788804